Mage: The Hildebrand Recording

13th Session - The Sigil of Ab Kejil

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Zodiac, Highlander, Azago and company, are stranded within the Sigil of Ab Kejil a strange sub-dimension somewhere below the twilight realm.

The chapter begins on the roof-top of Banco Caribe were the helicopter is called in to extract the mages.

Part one – Confinement:
Azago grabs the Hildebrand Recording and attempts to Apportate it into safe keeping however his space magic doesn’t seem to work.

The helicopter rides seems to go on too long and nothing can been seen through the thick fog outside eventually Zodiac Highlander and Azago become suspicious. On investigating they discover the nature of their confinement – they are trapped in a maze like dimension.

As time passes the mages loose hope. When suddenly Filipe is talking to them over the radio, talking them out of suicide and relating information given to him by the Voodoo Mages briefly encountered earlier during the race to the Tower.

Part two – Tower
With advise passed along through the radio the group figures out how to summon the elevator – but the Sigil detects their desire to leave and figuring out how to use the elevator takes a long while.

Later while within an Escher-esque lobby Zodiac scans through the Fate-sphear with his “Sybils Sight” he discovers all fate to be tied to the inner most core of his pattern – a place he considers his inner most virtue. Azago does the same and finds his fate is also tied to his virtue.

Part three – Means of Exile, Virtue
On realizing this the mages meditate on virtue while tracing their path back to the church – were Filepe tells them is the location of the Gateway back to the material world.
Adam XP: 3 XP (Using Merits, Mental abilities, Showup) 2 Arcane (Crossways, Spirit medium communication)

12th Session - Boss Puzzle

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Showdown with DJ Atropos:
The characters have arrived at the top of Banco Caribe where they see 4 robed men and DJ Atropos in the middle of a ritual invocation in front of a large pair of Tesla Coils. The sky above is stormy and the clouds are forming into a vortex while the tesla coils arc higher and higher.

They try shooting at Atropos and his cultists, but the ritual circle is so heavily warded that attacking wont work. They cant use magic through the wards either – there is almost nothing they can do to stop what looks to be a very dark ritual.

When they arrive at the roof-top memories suddenly begin to unfold in their minds. They remember meeting a member of the Pentacle from Phoenix AZ. This mage, named Azago, had infiltrated DJ Atropose’s cult, a group of High-level bankers who were devotes to Atropos in acquiring money and power for their endless greed. Azago had infiltrated long enough to get key information about Atropose’s ritual and a weakness in the design of his wards.

The only way to defeat Atropos is to find a way to stop his Ritual by bypassing his wards. However Azago had wiped the groups memories of their Zodiac and Highlander begin casting unveiling and knowing magics to find a way to bypass Atroposes copious Wards.

As time unraveled the veiling magic of Azago’s memory implant the Mages could not figure out how to bypass the wards, after 10 minutes the memory was clear enough that Highlander knew the secret told to him by the Warlock Azago. The way past the wards was to attack the Primary coil which was not warded unlike every other component. And the trick to find the primary coil was to use the RF ground to identify the frequency fingerprint of the coil and then cast sympathetically as Intimate (-2) rather than Described (-10).
Highlander located the Primary coil and shut it down using “Control electricity” ruining the ritual.

Atropos was forced to flee and escaped on the “Death-owl” – but not before Filepe used perfict timing to fatally wound the twisted Sclestus.

Ninth - 11th Session

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From Haiti with Zombies

The Players are dropped into the thick of a Zombie Apocalypse. They tracked down the Hildebrand Recording to the slums of Soleil, Haiti. They had no trouble getting access to DJ Atropos, the current owner of the Recording. When they were let into the basement hideout of the “Barrel House Kings” the local thug-rulers of Soleil with a zombie horde close behind.

The meeting with DJ Atropos wasn’t pleasant as he threatened to kill them and another captive, also a pentacle mage who was researching Zombie powder and got wrapped up by fate into Atropos’s clutches.

Soon another wave of Zombies was bashing the door down. Atropos disappeared behind a magic mirror speaking from behind the mirror he told the mages that he would protect them from “Mumbo Jumbo” who he named as the Zombie Master.

The Mages were left behind to fight through the zombies and had to crawl through old airducts and subfloors to avoid them. Eventually the Mages made it to the rooftop to be evacuated by a Adamantine Arrow rescue chopper commanded by Highlander an Arrow working for a Secret occult suppression detachment of the UNs armed forces.

On the way back to base the Chopper is disintegrated by powerful Death magic. The Mages survive the crash but end up on the streets of Port au Prince, Haiti. The Zombies are more powerful and infused with Death Spirits that sap the living energies from mortals.

The Mages hurry to the tower only to find the site of a dark ritual on the roof-top. They also discover that they are on another level of reality separate from the Material plane, but not the Shadow or Twilight planes. At first it seems they are powerless to stop this Ritual. Until memories begin to unlock – suddenly they know that they can stop this ritual, but it wont be easy.

Eighth Session

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Land of the Blind:

Aslog Madsen contacts the Pentacle leadership, requesting a peaceful meeting with those responsible for breaking and entering onto his property.

Consular “Rickard” (Free Council) informs the PCs that the Seers are mostly hands off with the Pentacle and that there has been no direct violence from them. Even so he assigns a few “Arrows” to accompany the PCs to the encounter with Aslog.

They Meet the mob-boss on a pier at night, he lectures them on trespassing and the “Sin of waking mortals”. He argues that by introducing mortals into the war for reality the Pentacle is destroying innocence and lives. He believes that the Pentacle operates on a flawed philosophy of what is un-attainable “true freedom” which always results in disaster.

To prove his point he announces that he has kidnaped the girl Zodiac successfully initiated into the mysteries. He threatens Zodiac with her rape and death if Zodiac dosnt comply with participating in a game of accepting moral responsibility.

The game is to choose one of two choices and to choose neither is to choose both outcomes – each horrible.
1. To allow a supply of poison laced cocaine to enter the streets of Stockholm resulting in the deaths of 30 drug addicts a few of which have monstrous destinies ahead, were they will cause great harm in the world.
2. To allow the girl who was captured by Aslog’s thugs to be repeatedly raped and abused until the trauma is so great that she becomes a sleeper once again. Her soul being dragged down so low that she forgets her awakened soul.

The PCs have a very difficult time choosing and a fight almost breaks out – but soon they realize that they have no choice but to choose, as Aslogs criminality and power know no bounds, and the Seers hold all the cards today.

Zodiac chooses to keep the girl unharmed and thus chooses to let Aslog release the poisoned drugs onto the street and to not interfere with the Mob.

As additional caveat Aslog promises to let the girl go into the custody of the Pentacle as soon as someone retrieves some information from Barcelona Spain for him. As the local Seer politi in Spain is unfriendly to Aslog. The Mages agree to this as by gaining custody of the girl they will have won a battle against the seers.

For every soul saved is a battle won.

Seventh Session

Flamethrower straight

Zodiac through the Paradise Organization throws a rave using aerosolized “Life-Enhanced” hallucinogens and occult musical compositions to spur a mass awakening.

Using various “Unveiling” magics, Zodiac sees the progress being made until members of FFL show up and start causing havoc.

As the situation unravels, Koke, a member of the Seer pylon known as the “Final Solution” breaks through the barricades, entering the rave undetected until it is too late.

Koke is a shock-trooper of the seers, sent in to make it clear to the Pentacle that Stockholm is owned by the Seers and their attempts to awaken sleepers is seen as an offense. Koke is armed with a flame-thrower and sets the warehouse on fire – causing the crowd to disperse
The Paradise members try to stop him, at the tragic cost of a member who was maliciously burned – almost to death – This still needs to be resolved.

Finally – Zodiac learns that the FFL has abducted a test-subject on the verge of awakening. The Seers are known to pervert awakenings or simply murder newly awakened mages to prevent the spread of magic. So now, life is in the balance and Zodiac is responsible as the girls fate needed to be coaxed for her to attend the rave – he is karmicly connected to her destiny now. He will either need to rescue her or negotiate with the FFL or the Seers who have abducted her. If he does not, then blood may be on his hands.

Sixth Session

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Zodiac El and Fillipe are brought to the Australia “Freehold” to dive into the fractured soul of the captured Seer.

They are briefed for the better part of a day before being hooked to the occult computers of the Free Council. When they are ready each mage is plugged into a different part of the Seer’s Soul. The reason for this is that Swan has fractured the mind and soul of the captive Seer into three parts to divide his intellect from his consciousness as well as his Ego and his inner trauma. The reasons for this are not shared however at least in part this fracturing keeps the Seer oblivious to the reality that he is a prisoner and is being observed.

The 3 mages are in fact hacking the prisoners soul to interrogate him using symbols that bare psychological weight to the man.

The 4 symbolic “keys” to a recently discovered memory are:

  • A masked man
  • A red-flash followed by pain
  • Gibberish
  • The act of turning a dial

Zodiac sees to the mans Id – which takes the form of the fantasy life of an un-named Pharaoh in Egypt.
El is given the task of suffering through the mans Traumatic connections to the investigated memory
Fillipes roll is to convince the Seers Ego to cough up whatever secrets he can.

Through the course of the investigation Fillipe performs his roll well, as he naturally fits into the Seers memories and follows the emotional prompting behind the memories (Wits + Empathy) which allows him to enact the memory intuitively.

Zodiac keeps the Seer distracted by ushering him through the Tombs of long dead kings, ancestors of the Pharaoh. This parallels the inner-searching of the Ego being carried out by Fillipe in the EGO level.

El’s experience in the mans “Shadow” is short lived as he interrupts the mans traumatic memories by going to far out of the bounds of memory, and in so doing upsets the magical bindings placed on the man’s consciousness. This cuts short the whole investigation as the entire project is put in jeopardy and Swan has to pull the plug on the investigation before the Seer figures out too much.

Before the 3 mages are pulled out from the Seers psyche, they do manage to retrieve a few morsels of information important to their shared destiny. They find the name of a powerful Seer who is looking for the Hildebrand recording, someone Zodiac has heard of, one Asløg Madsen, a known leader of an Organized Crime syndicate in Sweden.

Asløg Madsen’s involvement with the Hildebrand Recording
The Captured Seer “Trevor” was attempting to copy the Hildebrand Recording and failed
The Psychic imprisonment of the captured Seer
The Oinerois – The inner Astral Realm of a individuals consciousness & Soul.

1-El Role-play
1 Arcane each for experiencing the Onierois

Fifth Session

41 peaceful deities
Fillipe wakes up next to his mentor after an intense night on Tantric Sex magic, done in effort to look into the enigma of Barcelona. In the vision, Fillipes mentor tells him what she saw in her prophetic dream.


A Disc floats along the coastline of Barcelona. It looks like a spinning mercurial coin or CD and it emits voices speaking many languages in a disjointed chorus, never holding a theme or line of thought. While it floats along it replicates; doubling, quadrupling, octopling etc, after a time it replicated so much it becomes a fractal. Above strands of silk descend from the sun, latching onto the earth below, following the strands up reveals it is intact a web of a horrible spider who’s presence is known when looking directly into the sun, in the form of its silhouette. It is looking for something, and it wields great powers of vision, but what it searches for is hidden even to it. Then the DREAM ends at the statue of “Justice” holding the Sword and Scales.
Fillipe’s Mentor pushes him away after this vision and tells him he must leave Barcelona and seek his destiny, referring to the strong strands of destiny which thread through Fillipes pattern and out into unknown destinations. She Gives him a writ and contact information to a woman in Sweden who may help him in his search for his destiny. Fillipe travels to Sweden and consults with this woman, who, after a month of servitude, allows Fillipe to work sex-magick with her to access the DREAM. But this practice proves to be too much for her, the dreams send her into a dark lower depth:


Fillipe becomes a victim and suffers amazing torment as his limbs are sawed from his body and the flesh cooked for consumption.

The woman refuses any further contact with Fillipe and banishes him from her company.


Zodiac collaborates with El who he convinces to create a potent hallucinogenic for use in the research being done by the Paradise Organization.
El agrees and spends 2 days using magic to reconfigure the DNA of certain plants into more potent varieties. This proves to be much harder then anticipated as El is forced to resort to Ritual Magic to focus his will into transforming his ingredients into the requested potency.

HAVOK was unleashed, the abyss slipped in, but has so far not been uncovered.

After El finishes his ritual magic he collapses, fatigued, and wakes up with a guest in his arboretum – Fillipe
After a tense exchange between the unacquainted Mages it is apparent that Fillipe is legitimatly searching for patterns connected to his own. He has little knowledge about the Hildebrand Recording, though he knows that he is connected to “it” and El, and as he would later find, Zodiac.

El takes Fillipe to meet Zodiac, who is between the processes of studying for school and researching the effects of hallucinogenics on Awakening the souls of the sleeping mortals.

Swan immediately brings the 3 Mages to Austrailia after Zodiac sends an Email to The 9 Mothers to alert them to Fillipes presence in Stockholm. She asks the 3 Mages to Access the Seer whom the Pentacle has taken into custody, in order to gain intel on Seer agendas.

Fourth Session

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Hall of Hiemdall
Zodiac and El are brought to the Hallow “proper” of The 9 Mothers, and are introduced to the guardian spirit of the Hallow Heimdallr who brings them to Himinbjörg to drink fine mead in his dwelling, bringing them on the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst. When feasting in Himinbjörg the mages gather Tass in the mead of Heimdallr, knowledge from the Einherjar and Valkyrie, and wisdom from the 9 Mothers.

After feasting for hours in Himinbjorg the Mages are sent to meet the 1st Mother Swan who is the leader of The 9 Mothers as well as the driving force behind a Free-Council research project to directly connect the human mind to large computer-networks.

The mages learn that this project is being carried out on a former Seer, who was betrayed by a rival Pylon, beaten, and left for dead. Swan hopes to gain access to their secrets through this victim, to gain a foothold in the war for reality. The mages are asked to participate because of their connection to the Hildebrand Recording as well as Swans own in-ability to navigate the mind-scape of the captive seer without jeopardizing the truth behind the illusory cage Swan has placed the man in.

For a taste of things to come the characters are asked to appear to the Seer in his mind-scape to calm him down, recently he has been feeling lonely and abandoned. In the mind-scape a Pharaoh is floating down the Nile river in waitof the return of the goddess Isis. Zodiac takes on the persona of “Hapi”, the Egyptian god of the Nile and convinces the desperate Pharaoh to continue waiting for ISIS to return to him. Commune with the gods subdues the Pharaohs impatience. He returns to his throne to meditate in waiting for his goddess.


El is requested to meet with Dr. Wiley, but even more strange is that Dr. Wiley asked for El by his “True Name” Elof…

When El arrives to the Scene, Dr. Wiley is completely lucid and begins to ask many pointed questions of EL; who he (El) was, where he was from, what was being done to him (Dr. W). Any attempt to veil the answers jolts Dr. Wiely and endangers his mind-wash. Eventually the inconsistencies and confusion are too much and the Doctor, in a fit of desperation, rips all of his own limbs off with a single spell. Blood sprays everywhere as the doctor is reduced to a stump.

In the end El & Dr. Down are able to save Dr. Wiley – and seal his wounds.

On a lighter note, Zodiac may be discovering a way to awaken sleepers into the mysteries using; music, drugs, and awakened knowledge. More research is needed, but the research being done by the paradise organization is beginning to gain attention in the Pentacle orders.

And lastly, the Mages have learned about their fates being tied up in a conspiracy known as the Hildebrand Recording. Not much is known about this skien of Fate, though it is known that it may be the catalyst for Ragnarock – a so called “Doomsday”. It remains to be seen what this skien of fate will bring, but all prophacies point towards the worlds end…

Third Session

The Mad – Dr. Wiley
Zodiac and El run a Package for a Free Council cabal from Mercy Hospital. The destination of the package is an isolated cabin in the depths of Tyresta Forest where the Consilium has a brilliant bio-engineer quarantined. The forest-trails to the Remote Facility are difficult to traverse as the path leads over rough trails and the trails themselves are twisted at every fork with magic to ward away hikers or spies.

When Zodiac and El arrive they find a member of the Free Source cabal who are involved in the security of the Remote Facility being used to incarcerate Dr. Wiley – A code name given to what was formerly a Master of the Free-Council and now known to be one of the irredeemably twisted souls known as “The Mad”

Even though under normal circumstances “Mad-Mages” are hunted and destroyed by the Concilium’s officers known as Sentinels, this Mad-mage has been kept alive by Stockholm’s newly elected Consular in 2006, and equipped with an advanced research lab. Few know of this, and it is a guarded secret. And more, what Dr. Wiley is doing is not known and is kept secret even to the Consilium Sentinels.

Within the Facility disguised as a hunters cabin, Dr. Wiley has been programmed, with the use of high-level Mind magic, into thinking that he is in his own lab from his former days, and when not working in the lab, Dr. Wiley believes that he is vacationing at his private cabin in the woods. Zodiac and El quickly realize the extent of the mind-control that is being employed to keep this magician under control but feel dubious about its hold on the Mad Mage.


Ominous tower 8t5

The 9 Mothers cabal, who operate out of Gold-Top Financial Group, one of Sweden’s top financial firms, have permitted Zodiac and El access to their hallow for important castings, as well as occasional access to Tass, in exchange, Zodiac and El have agreed to disclose non-secret information of the goings on within Stockholm’s Consilium. This was a 180 degree turn on the part of the 9 Mothers from just days earlier when they petitioned the Consilium to reign-in their newly awakened mages (Zodiac & El) who had openly sought access to the hallow without formality or an invitation.

The reason the 9 Mothers gave for this change of heart was that Zodiac and El are part of a thread of destiny regarding a horrific event in the not-to distant future. They are destined to play a part in the circumvention of global disaster. The seed of this disaster is known only as “The Hildabrand Recording”

First involvement with Stockholm’s Pentacle Consilium
Dividing politics of Stockholms Pentacle orders
Secret laboratory in the depths of Tyresta Forest – Outside of Stockholm Proper
A Mad-Mage kept alive by the Pentacle conducting research connected to Mercy Hospital
First contact with The 9 Mothers cabal
The Proximi families of Europe and the Lineage agenda
The Dooms-day prophecy of “The Hildebrand Recording”

First Session

Guitar boat acoustic guitar creation 11
The Unseen Eye
Filepe investigates the murder of the “investigator” and discovers that the letter being delivered by the investigator, to an unknown recipient, was written as a cypher – a coded message that looks like a mundane salutation but intact has a deeper meaning. Fillipe resorted to scrying through the vail of time and managed to write a perfect copy of this letter, but fails to unlock the enigma. In his investigation he encountered one of the Thugs involved in the murder of the investigator, this thug who works as a janitor in the Hotel “La estancia de Barcelona” becomes alarmed at Fillipes probing questions and reacts violently until Fillipe withdraws from the scene.

Fillipe’s mentor calls him back to the dance troop to further the investigation where he has become blocked.


El is referred to Zodiac for help in learning how the process of refining Tass is approached and the two together attempt to access a local Hallow located on the top of a financial building in Stockholm, a hallow known to be in possession of a mysterious cabal of Pentacle mages known as The 9 Mothers a hallow known to be protected by a powerful spirit.

Zodiac and El are turned away by the officers of Gold-Top Financial Group. their bravado and unceremonious request is taken as an insult.

Contact with the custodians of the “Gold-Top Financial group”
Contact with the Thugs in Barcelona
Recovery of the Cyphered Letter


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