Mages - Sweden


Remote Facility
“Dr. Down”
An Adamantine Arrow of the “Free Source” cabal in Stockholm Sweden

“Dr. Wiely”
A “Mad-Mage” incarcerated in the Remote facility located in Tyresta Forest

Stockholm Consilium
- Consular “Rickard” (Free Council)
- Provost “Vala” (Mysterium)
- Herald “K” (Free Council)
- Sentinels: All members of the “Free Source” cabal

The 9 Mothers
1 – Swan
2 – Verthandi
3 – (Unknown)
4 – (Unknown)
5 – (Unknown)
6 – (Unknown)
7 – (Unknown)
8 – (Unknown)
9 – (Unknown)

Cabal – Free-source
Johanna (Free COuncil),
Rex C – (Adamantine Arrow)
Drake – (Adamantine Arrow)
Lars – (Adamantine Arrow)
Dr. Porton Down – s(Adamantine Arrow)

Pylon – Final Solution

“Tar-baby/ Koke” (Shock Troop)
Weapon: Flame-thrower & Forces magic
Appearance: Black-leather, Nazi-biker, and he’s black
A member of the FFL bike-gang (40 sleeper-members strong) lowest member of the “Final Solution” pylon. Sent in as a shock-trooper to “Send a message” when all other methods of control have failed.

Mages - Sweden

Mage: The Hildebrand Recording KillerDM0850